How To Get Involved in Public Access Television

There are numerous ways to get involved in Public Access Television. Here in Swansea we have a state of the art facility that produces and helps producers get show that are shared with other communities.

create your own programming

Our studio is available to use for all Swansea residents. Interested in creating your own show? Send us a message.

Employment opportunities

Check out the latest job postings and become a part of the Swansea Community Network team.


SCN relies on our volunteers to cover meetings, events, and educational programming in the town. Contact us for more information. 

Advocate for public television

Learn more about what public television does in your town and how you can help keep public television alive.

Swansea Community Network

Become an Access Producer 

Access producers are individuals or groups who produce their own original programming to be broadcast on Channel 98. Access producers do not require training on broadcast equipment to create programming. Bring your ideas, knowledge, expertise, talents, guests, etc. and we’ll handle the rest. To start producing a show at SCN contact us to discuss your ideas. Here are a few examples of shows produced by Swansea residents.

Fur Fins and feathers

A show all about animals produced by Swansea residents Brian and Glenn Lowney.

card magic with tyler clark

Tyler Clark, also a Swansea resident, took his passion for card magic and created his very own show.